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One of the joys of learning numbers is that it has a beautiful concept in store for students – place value. Introduce young learners to the concept of place value with this assortment of free printable base ten blocks worksheets. An excellent tool that numerically elevates elementary kids, this set of pdf exercises offers base ten block models for 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. Students count the blocks and correlate the count to the place value of digits, and eventually identify the number described. In the process, they get to acquire as well as upgrade regrouping skills by practicing the hundreds and tens and tens and ones worksheets here. This math time is going to be fun time! Print the handouts and distribute them to students!

This batch of base ten blocks worksheets is meticulously designed for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students.


2-Digit Numbers Shown by Base Ten Blocks | Worksheet #1

Let a new surge of practicing place value take over! Kick-start your place value preparation with this printable worksheet for grade 1 and grade 2! Count the units and rods (10 units), and write down the 2-digit number described by them.

Identifying 2-Digit Numbers Shown by Base Ten Blocks 1

Identifying 2-Digit Numbers | Worksheet #2

Be the new numerical superstar with breakout place value skills! Add on to your practice with this handout rendering place value blocks that represent the ones and tens place of a number. Recall that a rod is composed of ten units and identify the 2-digit numbers.

Identifying 2-Digit Numbers Shown by Base Ten Blocks 2

3-Digit Numbers Shown by Base Ten Blocks | Worksheet #1

Grow from strong to super-strong as you enhance your counting and place value skills! This pdf worksheet for grade 2 and grade 3 presents units, rods, and flats (100 units) to represent each digit of a 3-digit numeral. Practicing place value has never been more fun.

Identifying 3-Digit Numbers Shown by Base Ten Blocks 1

Identifying 3-Digit Numbers | Worksheet #2

Watch your children transcend their peers by fantastic proportions as they identify the values of the digits in the ones, tens, and hundreds place of a number instantaneously! They count the individual blocks and relate them to place values.

Identifying 3-Digit Numbers shown by Base Ten Blocks 2

Base Ten Blocks | Tens and Ones

Give your practice a champion-like edge! Boost your regrouping skills with a simple-yet-effective exercise. Visualize composing a rod using ten units. Think of how many rods can be made out of each set. Fill in the blanks with the count for such rods and the remaining units.

Base Ten Blocks - Tens and Ones

Base Ten Blocks | Hundreds and Tens

Let nothing fly in the face of your place value learning! Equip yourself with fine regrouping skills using this worksheet with a set of rods in each question. Recognize that ten rods together make a flat; figure out how many hundreds you can make out of each set. Also, write down the leftover tens.

Base Ten Blocks - Hundreds and Tens

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