Numbers in Words 1-20 Worksheets

Get your little ones working on our free, printable numbers from 1 to 20 in words worksheets. Help them along with this simple poem as they practice writing numbers from 1 to 20 in words and vice versa: One, two, three, four. And on they pour! Five, six, seven, eight. Isn’t it fun ‘n’ great? Nine, ten, eleven, twelve. It’s time to further evolve. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen. Do you know what they mean? Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. It’s so simple they tell you how many!

These pdf worksheets on numbers 1 to 20 in words are curated for tiny tots in kindergarten and grade 1.

Writing Numbers (1 to 20) in Words

Encourage kindergarten kids to give these printable exercises their all, as they spell out the word names of the specified numbers before quickly writing them down in the spaces provided.

Writing Numbers in Words - 1 to 20

Expressing Word Names (1 to 20) as Numbers

Watch kids flex their numerical prowess as they read the word names and find the corresponding numbers in these pdf worksheets on writing numbers from 1 to 20 from their word names.

Expressing Word Names as Numbers - 1 to 20

Matching Numbers (1 to 20) with Words

Given on the left are numbers within 1 and 20, and on the right are their word names. Let kids make an instant connection between the numerals and their word forms in these matching exercises.

Matching Numbers with Words - 1 to 20

Unscrambling Word Names of Numbers (1 to 20)

Instruct children to put their spelling skills on display as they rearrange the jumbled word names, molding them to fit the numbers they represent in these pdf numbers 1 to 20 in words worksheets.

Unscrambling Word Names of Numbers - 1 to 20

Number Words (1 to 20) Revision

In this section of our printable word names of numbers 1 to 20 worksheets, 1st grade children flit between writing the numbers in word form and figuring out the numbers from the word names.

Number Words - Revision - 1 to 20