Numbers in Words 1-20 Worksheets

One, two, three, four. And on they pour! Five, six, seven, eight. Isn’t it fun ‘n’ great? Nine, ten, eleven, twelve. It’s time to further evolve. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen. Do you know what they mean? Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. It’s so simple they tell you how many! Get the little ones in your class to read and recite this simple poem. They eventually learn how to pronounce as well as write number names up to 20. With that, they are all set to do these all-new printable numbers from 1 to 20 in words worksheets, which contain 40+ questions on writing numbers in words as well as expressing word names as numbers!

These free pdf worksheets are curated for kindergarten and grade 1 kids.


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