Writing 5-Digit Numbers in Standard Form Worksheets

The more children explore standard forms, the more knowledge they gain of the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands place values. Have a look at this example: 80,000 + 4,000 + 100 + 5 = ? On careful analysis, we get the answer as 84,105. A steady practice will ensure your kids do not lose their cool while solving complicated exercises involving 5-digit numbers; and these printable resources offer the best ways to demonstrate writing 5-digit numbers in their standard form. Find a plethora of meticulously drafted exercises to help your child discover the different ways of jotting down a 5-digit number correctly along with answer keys. Students are required to place the numerals as per their values in these free pdf worksheets.

Best suited for children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.