Worksheets: Addition of Polynomials

There can't be a better way than these free printable no-prep, adding polynomials worksheets to begin your practice in finding the sum of polynomials with both single and multi variables. This can be done by arranging the like terms together (like terms are nothing but two or more terms in a polynomial that have the same variable (or variables) with the same exponent), or by putting them one below the other in vertical columns. Remember to leave blanks or add zero coefficients for the missing variables. Adding a positive term to another positive is simple, while adding two negative terms, add them and put the negative sign, and when you find a positive added to a negative just subtract and put the sign of the greater number. Bear these few rules in mind and you are good to go!

These polynomial addition worksheet pdfs are highly recommended for students in 8th grade and high school.


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Adding Polynomials