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Exude confidence in spades as you cruise through our free, printable unit rate worksheets, tackling head-first an armory of practice problems. While rate refers to a ratio between two unlike units of measure, unit rate is a specific rate where the second quantity is one unit, meaning the denominator is 1. These definitions light the way, as students answer unit rate exercises involving graphs, unitary method word problems, and more.

Our unit rate worksheet pdfs are recommended for children in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

Unit Rate - Graphs

Lean into your strength calculating the unit rates by analyzing the proportions represented on the graphs in these printable unit rate worksheets for 6th grade and 7th grade math wizards.

Rate and Unit Rate

Reiterate the key difference between rate and unit rate as students go to town on answering these pdf exercises, where they write down the rate and unit rate for each phrase.

Unit Rate - Word Problems

Watch how diverse facets of life ring in the concept of rate, through these sets of word problems where children in grade 6 and grade 7 figure out the unit rate from the given rate.

Unitary Method - Word Problems

In these printable worksheets on unitary method word problems, students in 8th grade find the unit rate using the given rate, and then they determine a different rate using the unit rate.

Comparing Unit Rates - Word Problems

Calculate and compare unit rates to determine the rate that is higher or lower, based on the instructions given in these unit rate word problems worksheet pdfs.