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Our free, printable constant of proportionality worksheets will feel like a real ray of sunshine when you're annoyed by a bombardment of options that spring up as you frantically search for exercises on the topic online. Start off by figuring out the constant of proportionality, k, in graphs, equations, and tables, before using the formula y = kx to find missing values, and surpass every height by drawing graphs to show proportional relationships.

These pdf worksheets on the proportionality constant are ideal for students in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

Constant of Proportionality - Graph

Go on a practice spree, as you choose a set of coordinates that lie on the line to find k, which is the slope of the graph, in these constant of proportionality worksheets for 6th grade.

Constant of Proportionality - Equations

The task in these pdf exercises is for 7th grade math devotees to write each given equation in the form y = kx in order to determine the value of the proportionality constant.

Constant of Proportionality - Tables

A feast for middle school math maestros, these printable constant of proportionality worksheets call for finding k for each table of x and y values, and expressing the relationship y = kx.

Missing Values - Tables

Watch math lovers in 8th grade soak up the challenge in this pdf presented as a splendid spin on the usual, as they find the constant of proportionality and complete the table of x and y values.

Graphing Proportional Relationships from Constant of Proportionality

Swerve from the routine in these printable constant of proportionality worksheets, where you draw a graph showing the proportional relationship using the value of k, which is the slope of the graph.