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Our pdf worksheets abound in Pythagorean theorem word problems! As well-versed as we are with the theorem, not many of us apply it in everyday life. Thankfully our printable exercises do! Take a look at this scenario, for instance. Captain Robert is in charge of navigation. There's an island lying 60 miles to the north and 91 miles to the east of the ship. What would be the shortest route to reach the island? How much distance should they cover? If you plot the locations, you'll figure that the shortest distance toward the northeast is √(602+ 912) = √11881, which is 109 miles, a more efficient and cost-effective route! We now leave you in the company of the word problems!

Our worksheets on real-life applications of the Pythagorean theorem are ideal for 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school.

Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems