Rounding 6-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Thousand Worksheets

Be sure that you are twice as insightful and discerning as your peers when it comes to rounding. Packed with tons of pdf exercises and real-life word problems, these free printable worksheets on rounding 6-digit numbers to the nearest thousand worksheets are like none you have seen before. Practice rounding to the nearest 1000 in 3 easy steps. Look at the digit to the right of thousands place value. If it’s equal to or greater than 5, add 1 to the digit in the thousands’ place value and round off the number after replacing the digits to the right with zeros. If it’s less than 5, retain the same number in the thousands’ place and change the remaining digits on the right to the zeros.

This bundle of worksheets caters to the students in grade 4 and grade 5.


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