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With these free, printable skip counting by 4s worksheets, kids are sure to carve a niche for themselves as ultra-fluent skip counting masters. Cracking the everyday counting tasks will no longer be a tall order once young learners practice using our pdf worksheets on skip counting by 4s that come with answer keys.

These counting in 4s worksheet pdfs are ideal for kids in grade 2 and grade 3.

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

Watch little ones skillfully skip count by 4s to figure out the total number of items in sets of pictures in the first part, and fill in the missing numbers in the second.

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

Multiple activities guarantee a fun way to reinforce learning. Let 3rd grade kids count in 4s to complete the patterns and number lines in these skip counting by 4s worksheet pdfs.

Skip Counting by 4s | Display Charts

Let skip counting by 4s be the focal point of your preparation! Use these printable skip counting by 4s charts to give 2nd grade kids a head-start in counting by 4s.

Skip Count by Fours to Complete the Path

As a grade 2 educator, you’ll almost instantly fall for these printable counting by 4s worksheets that feature a joyful train ride in a fun-fair themed setting!

Completing Number Lines

Numbers are missing in this set of number lines. Assist children to count by 4s and complete the number lines by filling in the blank spaces in these exercises.

Counting Backward by 4s Worksheets

48, 44, 40 - what do you infer from this sequence? It’s in the reverse order. These counting in 4s worksheets provide practice in backward skip counting!

Counting Backward by 4s Worksheets