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Explore counting in 6s with this set of free, printable skip counting by 6s worksheets! This concept helps kids master the times table and also squeeze in some addition practice while they are at it. Whether it’s counting the eggs in a crate, donuts in a box, or soda cans in a case, everyday life is replete with instances where skip counting plays the role of an awesome lifesaver.

This set of counting in 6s pdf worksheets is designed for kids in grade 2 and grade 3.

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

Let kids in grade 2 and grade 3 complete the number pattern and also skip their way along the number line to find the missing numbers with these printable counting in 6s worksheets!

Skip Counting by 6s | Display Charts

Sink your teeth into an exciting episode of counting by 6s with these display charts and boast lots of frequent practice to master this crucial skill.

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

Help 2nd-grade and 3rd-grade students transform into a bunch of sensational skip-counting champs with this set of combined review pdf worksheets on skip counting by 6s.

Skip Count by 6s to Complete the Path

C’mon children, hop on the train, and let’s go on a fun ride by counting in 6s! Count along the path starting from 6 and fill in the missing numbers to complete the path.

Completing Number Lines

Add six to the previous number to find the missing numbers on the number line. In case the first number is missing, subtract 6 from the succeeding number.

Counting Backward by 6s Worksheets

Inspire kids to count back by 6s with a flair characteristic of a future mathematical genius with this section of our printable skip counting worksheets.

Counting Backward by 6s Worksheets