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Empower kids to befriend skip counting with these free, printable skip counting by 8s worksheets. Use the display charts to take the first step, followed by worksheets aplenty to develop their understanding of this concept. Forge ahead and watch children be surprised that skip counting is way faster than counting by ones.

Our counting in 8s worksheet pdfs are designed for children of grade 2 and grade 3.

Completing Number Lines

Utilize number lines to recite the skip counting sequence of 8 and fill in the missing numbers. You can also add 8 to the previous numbers to complete the number lines.

Skip Counting by 8s | Display Charts

Do you want your child to skip count by 8s like a pro? We’ve got the perfect display charts for you. Print any chart and put it up to let your little one become a skip counting expert!

Skip Counting by 8s - Display Charts

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

Assist 2nd-grade kids to transition from early numeracy to skip counting with these skip counting by 8s worksheets, featuring objects grouped in 8s and number sequences.

Skip Count by 8s to Complete the Path

Invite the choo-choo lovers to hop on and take a ride with this stack of skip counting by 8s pdf worksheets. Prompt grade 2 children to count in 8s and find the path to the station!

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

Stuffed with number lines and number patterns, this wonderful grade 3 pdf resource makes learning skip counting by 8s an absolutely fun and easy affair. Don’t miss it!

Counting Backward by 8s Worksheets

With all the skills they’ve gained skip counting forward, these exercises will get grade 3 kids counting backward by 8s. Print them and fire up their practice sessions!

Counting Backward by 8s Worksheets