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Flick through our extensive collection of printable skip counting by 9s worksheets offering a plethora of activities such as finding missing numbers, completing patterns and number lines, and counting backward by 9s to ensure kids remain thoroughly prepared and are better able to plan their strategic moves to arrive at the right answers. Try our free worksheets to kick-start your practice!

Skip Count by 9s to Complete the Path

Can your 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids find the missing numbers in a jiffy? Each step in these amusement park-themed worksheets jumps a place ahead after skipping by 9s. Count by 9s and complete the path.

Skip Counting by 9s | Display Charts

Let young learners use our printable skip counting by 9s charts to flaunt their numerical chops! These simple but efficient display charts get children briskly identifying unique patterns and pleasurably memorizing multiples of nine.

Skip Counting by 9s - Display Charts

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

Exercises coming up will set kids on a mission to skip count by 9s to find the number of items and fill missing numbers. Bolster your counting skills in this skip counting by 9s pdf worksheets.

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

In these two-part pdf exercises, kids walk away with practice in jumping and skipping by completing the series while skip counting by 9s and filling in the missing blanks on the number lines.

Completing Number Lines

Skip count like a pro using these printable skip counting by 9s worksheets. Task children with completing the number lines exercises and help boost their number sense, counting skills, and more.