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Are your students struggling to calculate the volume of cubes? Use this bunch of free, printable volume of cubes worksheets, and watch your determined and plucky children remarkably upgrade their practice in calculating the volume of cubes. Each question in the pdf set depicts a cube with the length of its edges given as integers, decimals, or fractions. Taking this length as 'a', students use the formula V = a3 to find the volume of each cube.

This set of pdf worksheets is highly recommended for 6th grade and 7th grade children.

Select the Measurement Units

Volume of Cubes | Integers - Easy

Get practice off to a flying start with these pdf exercises that feature cubes with integer side lengths. Make use of the correct formula and calculate the volume of each cube.

Volume of Cubes - Integers - Easy - Customary

Volume of Cubes | Integers - Moderate

Turn up the difficulty with these moderate-level, printable worksheets on finding the volume of a cube. Use the given side length, plug it in the formula and figure out the volume.

Volume of Cubes - Integers - Moderate - Customary

Volume of Cubes | Fractions

Cruise effortlessly through the host of fractional side lengths featured in these practice problems, and utilize the formula V = a3 to find the volume of each cube.

Volume of Cubes - Fractions - Customary

Volume of Cubes | Decimals

Revel in the exciting challenge of these volume of a cube worksheet pdfs, where grade 6 and grade 7 kids get to tackle cubes whose side lengths are given as decimals.

Volume of Cubes - Decimals - Customary