Addition Within 20 Word Problems Worksheets

Our free printable addition within 20 word problems worksheets contain tons of solid practice for children and work well as effective beginners addition pdf worksheets. Word problems are a great tool to practice simple addition, and they teach kids how to "carry ten" when the sum of the digits in the ones place of both addends is a double-digit number. It's easy for young students to sum up to 20, especially when there's no regrouping or carrying to be done at all times. Created to help the blossoming young learners find solutions to real-world situations, children must read the addition word problems and add small numbers up to 20 with accuracy. Instantly verify your child’s ability to find the sum of single-digit and double-digit numbers using the included answer keys.

These pdf worksheets are suitable for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids.