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Encourage little mathematicians to scale new heights with our printable basic addition worksheets featuring addends that sum up to 20. These engaging addition within 20 worksheets are a must-have for your kids to bolster practice in adding numbers that when put together result in a total up to 20. Exercises include vertical and horizontal addition, writing addition sentences, comparing the sum, identifying missing numbers, and much more!

These free pdf worksheets meet the requirements of first grade and second grade children.

Count and Add | Addition within 20

Keep your little ones busy counting pictures and writing the number of objects as they work their way through this set of addition within 20 worksheets.

Count and Add - Addition within 20

Writing Addition Sentences Using Pictures | Addition within 20

Train kids in grade 1 to frame addition sentences with these problems. Direct them to count the objects, write the addends, and then find the total number of objects, or the sum.

Writing Addition Sentences Using Pictures - Addition within 20

Addition within 20 Word Problems

Switch focus from standard addition sums to interactive word problems by answering our addition within 20 word problems worksheets, jam-packed with everyday situations centering around addition.

Addition within 20 Word Problems

Addition Using Ten Frames

Explore our addition using 10 frames worksheets pdfs to help young learners build up addition fluency as they learn to use the given illustrations to identify two numbers and find their sum with ease.

Addition Using Ten Frames

Addition within 20 | Column

Raise the bar with these basic addition problems, and graduate from counting pictures to adding numbers. Watch kids add the numbers arranged in columns and find the sum.

Addition within 20 - Column

Addition within 20 | Horizontal

Supercharge your addition skills with our printable worksheets on addition within 20, where the numbers are arranged from left to right. Remember the sum of the addends here will result in a total up to 20.

Addition within 20 - Horizontal

Decoding Riddles

Get your wannabe math wizards buoyant by gifting them this riddle pdf set. Watch kids' thinking ability and creativity surge like never before as they decode the riddles by solving a bunch of addition sums.

Decoding Riddles

Comparing Sum

This pdf exercise puts young learners' comparison skill to the test. Encourage children in 1st grade and 2nd grade to compare the addition sentences on the right with the ones on the left and use the >, <, and = symbols.

Comparing Sum

Identifying Missing Numbers | Column

With our addition within 20 worksheets at play, learning addition will be child's play. With one of the addends and the sum given, the task for math enthusiasts in grade 2 is to identify the missing addend that makes the sum.

Identifying Missing Numbers - Column

Single-Digit Addition | Column

Reinforce basic addition skills by introducing children in grade 1 to this must-have pdf set. With the single-digit addends placed one below the other, this pdf exercise helps young learners master addition at a rapid pace.

Single-Digit Addition - Column

Single-Digit Addition | Horizontal

Teach budding math geniuses the basics of addition with our collection of single-digit addition worksheets. This pack of pdf practice resource includes addition sums with single digit addends in horizontal form.

Single-Digit Addition - Horizontal