Acute, Right, and Obtuse Angles Worksheets

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Our acute, right, and obtuse angles worksheets provide the essential skills on the three basic types of angles. Exercises like classifying the given angles as acute, obtuse and right, matching the measures to their types, sorting the angles, classifying and counting the angles in a polygon and identifying the types of angles in real-life objects help the kids in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the lesson.

This set of free worksheets are customized for the students of grade 4 and grade 5.


Classifying Angles: Acute, Right or Obtuse

Use this pdf worksheet to get a picture of how an acute, right, and obtuse angle looks like. Study the given images carefully and classify each angle according to its type.

Classifying Angles - Acute, Right or Obtuse

Match up

Given here are the images of the three types of angles and their degree measures. Match the images and the measures with the corresponding type.

Match up

Classifying Angles in Real-life

Introduce the kids the connection between realistic objects and angles with this interesting printable worksheet. Let them cut the objects in the module and glue them into appropriate columns.

Classifying Angles in Real-life

Sorting Angles

Make the children understand how to classify the angles formed by multiple rays with a common vertex. Sort the angles as acute, right and obtuse in the relevant columns.

Sorting Angles

Classifying and Counting: Polygons

Level up your practice with this 5th grade PDF worksheet. Count the number of acute, obtuse and right angles contained in each polygon.

Classifying and Counting - Polygons