Finding Base, Length, or Height of a Trapezoid Worksheets

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Streak ahead in the race with our printable finding the missing base, length, and height of trapezoids from area worksheets, which help recalibrate the way you find the unknown dimensions in a problem. All dimensions are represented by integers or decimals. These pdf practice resources, equipped with answer keys, are available in both customary and metric units.

We recommend these pdf worksheets for grade 7 and grade 8 students.

Select the Measurement Units

Finding the Base or Height - Integers

These pdf worksheets have the missing dimensions given as integers. Train children in 7th grade and 8th grade to use the given measurements and determine the value of the unknown side or height in each exercise.

Finding the Base or Height - Integers - Customary

Finding the Base or Height - Decimals

Our printable worksheets on finding base, length, or height of a trapezoid augment grade 7 and grade 8 kids' practice. Substitute the base(s) and/or height measures given as decimals in the formula and obtain the missing measure.

Finding the Base or Height - Decimals - Customary