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Let not your aspirational math enthusiasts make do with lackluster scores and – as we often hear – survive! Guide them to our resources and get them to score big and thrive! Review the area formula of multiplying the base length by height and then dividing by two. Any idea what the task at hand is? A triangle, indeed! This collection of free printable area of triangles worksheets offers a wide range of triangles as geometric figures and in word format questions for practice. The task is to plug the indicated integer, decimal, or fractional dimensions in the formula and figure out the area of the three-sided figure. To supplement this, there are exclusive exercises on calculating the areas of different categories of triangles – the equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles. Practicing these worksheets doggedly and determinedly is the key to gain extensive knowledge of the various formulas and theorems involved in finding the area of triangles.

This assortment of pdf worksheets is ideal for students of grade 5 through high school.

CCSS: 6.G, 8.G

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Area of Triangles | Integers – Worksheet #1

Let not finding the area of geometric shapes trip you up anymore! This handout, which presents right triangles and other triangles as geometric shapes for calculating area, makes great material for 5th grade and 6th grade. The base length (b) and altitude (h) are depicted on the figure. Substitute them in the formula A = bh/2 and obtain the area.

Area of Triangles - Integers - Customary 1

Area of Triangles | Integers – Worksheet #2

Let there be absolutely nothing tricky about triangles! An excellent resource for practice as well as self-evaluation, this free printable worksheet for grade 6 and grade 7 incorporates a blend of geometric figures and word format questions. Go test yourself and return home as geometrically victoriously as ever!

Area of Triangles - Integers - Customary 2

Area of Triangles | Decimals

Devout practice and dedicated assessment are at the heart of every masterful triangles practice. Train yourself with this pdf worksheet that renders the dimensions of the triangles in decimals. Half the product of these decimal measures will give you the area. We bet you’ll come back for more!

Area of Triangles - Decimals  - Customary

Area of Triangles | Fractions

Success – especially in geometry matters – that tastes the sweetest has oodles of rigor at its core! This exercise is different from the previous ones in that it has the base length and height of the triangles as fractions and mixed numbers. Convert the mixed numbers to fractions, and proceed to find the area.

Area of Triangles - Fractions - Customary

Area of Equilateral Triangles

Elite students play with triangles – including the equilateral, but ordinary ones toil their way around them! ‘Equilateral’ is a Latin word meaning a polygon having equal sides. Click on this link that presents loads of three-sided polygons with congruent sides for the area practice. Can you calculate their area, when you only have the side length at your disposal? Check out how!

Area of Equilateral Triangles

Area of Isosceles Triangles

Let not the nuances of an isosceles triangle cause you to falter! Rich with prolific practice on finding the area of triangles with two-congruent sides, this batch of pdf worksheets for grade 8 and high school is very well worth navigating. Apply the Pythagorean theorem, determine the heights, and calculate the area using the usual formula.

Area of Isosceles Triangles

Area of Scalene Triangles

The hallmark of an outstanding math practitioner is to never let the cup slip from the lip! A scalene triangle is a plane figure with three unequal sides. Learn about Heron’s formula and its application in arriving at the area of such figures with this bundle of printable worksheets.

Area of Scalene Triangles