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Our free, printable finding the area of a sector worksheets usher in renewed knowledge and repeated practice of the topic. The problems involved in these pdfs include calculating the sector’s area using the radius and the central angle, finding the area of the sector from the arc length, and working out the unknown parameters of the sectors. Instruct students to refer to the answer key when they get stuck and let their doubts at once make way for fresh insights. These printable tools are available in both customary and metric units.

Our area of sectors worksheets are suitable for high school students.

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Area of a Sector

Jog your memory and recall that the area of a sector is (θ/360) x πr². All it takes to find the area of the shaded region is to substitute the given measures.

Area of a Sector - Customary

Finding Area of the Sector from Arc Length

To find the sector’s area from arc length in these area of a sector worksheets pdf, use the relevant formula. Plug in the known values and calculate the area of sectors.

Finding Area of the Sector from Arc Length - Customary

Missing Parameters

High school kids calculate the missing measures of the sectors in these printable area of sectors worksheets. Cheer on as they work out the values for r, θ, or sector’s area using the given values.

Missing Parameters - Customary