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Explore our comprehensive collection of days and months worksheets accompanied by answer keys. Begin with charts to help kids recognize and use language related to dates and then move on to exercises to fill in the missing days and months, and practice sequencing and ordering the seven days of the week and the twelve months in a year, identifying yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the current month, the month before or after a given month and more! Set the stage for practice with our free worksheets.

Days of the Week | Charts

Make learning fun for tiny tots with these colorful and educational days of the week charts that introduce them to the names of the seven days.

Days of the Week - Charts

Completing the Missing Days of the Week

Figure out the missing days in this PDF exercise to reinforce the week's order and provide a delightful learning experience for grade 1 and grade 2 kids.

Completing the Missing Days of the Week

Ordering the Days of the Week

Race against the clock to write the days of the week given in the box in the correct order to complete these ordering the days of the week worksheets.

Ordering the Days of the Week

Months of the Year | Charts

Stay inspired year-round with these months-in-a-year charts, a great visual aid to help learn the names of the 12 months.

Arranging the Months in Order

Encourage inquisitive minds to employ their sequencing skills and arrange the twelve months of the year to complete these ordering the months of the year worksheets.

Days of the Week | Cut and Glue

Engage in this hands-on cut-and-glue activity printables to master the sequence of the days in a week. Cut out the days and glue them in the correct order!

Days of the Week - Cut and Glue

Months as Ordinal Numbers

January is the first month, and December is the twelfth. Match, learn, and excel as you match each calendar month to its correct ordinal number.

Months of the Year | Cut and Glue

Get ready to snip, glue, and learn the sequence of the months with the cut-and-glue activities in these days and months worksheets. Snip out the months, arrange and glue them in order!

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Elevate your skills with these yesterday, today, and tomorrow worksheets to test your ability to identify the day that follows or precedes the given day of the week.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

What Month Comes After or Before?

The month before June is May. The month after August is September. Identify the previous, current, or following month to complete these printables.

Abbreviations of Days

Discover the efficiency and convenience of using abbreviations in daily life as you practice writing the short forms in this section of our days and months worksheets.

What Day Is It?

What is the first day of the week? What day comes between Sunday and Tuesday? Become confident in accurately recognizing the days of the week and answering questions!

Abbreviations of Months

Familiarize 1st grade and 2nd grade kids with the standard abbreviations used for each month and reinforce their spelling and abbreviation skills.

Which Month Am I?

Put to the test your calendar knowledge in this calendar trivia! Read each clue and figure out which month of the year it is, guessing your way to victory.

Unscrambling the Days of the Week

Set the ball rolling with these days of the week worksheets and unscramble the mixed-up letters to reveal the correct spelling of each day.

Unscrambling the Days of the Week

Months and Corresponding Holidays

Commemorate holidays and special events as you identify the month of the corresponding celebration or observance and check the correct option.