Months of the Year Worksheets

Set the stage for our finest collection of months of the year worksheets! This free printable set paves the way for young learners to identify, arrange, and name all twelve months of the year with confidence and ease. Take advantage of our creative exercises and master the calendar months.

These pdf worksheets are curated to meet the learning requirements of grade 1 and grade 2 kids.

Ordering the Months of the Year

Encourage inquisitive minds to employ their sequencing skills and diligently arrange the twelve months of the year in the right order, to complete this engaging ordering calendar months exercise.

Months of the Year | Chart

Stay inspired year-round with this easy-to-print vibrant chart featuring the months of the year. Pin up this chart, a great visual aid, to help kids know the 12 months like the back of their hand.

Months as Ordinal Numbers

Introduce kids to this interactive pdf learning toolkit, and watch them match, learn, and excel in both numbers and months as they match each calendar month to its correct ordinal number.

Months of the Year | Cut and Glue

Get ready to snip, glue, and learn the sequence of the months in a fun and hands-on way with this cut-and-glue activity. Simply cut out the months of the year, arrange them, and glue them in order; and be done!

What Month Comes Next or Before?

Keep kids in grade 1 and grade 2 busy with this pack of printable worksheets on calendar months. Get them to identify the previous, current, or following month using the given months of the year.

Abbreviating Months of the Year Worksheets

Browse through our abbreviating months of the year worksheets compilation to ace abbreviation! Learn the know-how of month short forms with this pdf learning resource.

Abbreviating Months of the Year Worksheets

Which Month Am I?

Put to the test your calendar knowledge in this calendar trivia, suitable for 1st grade and 2nd grade learners! Read each clue and figure out which month of the year it is, guessing your way to victory.

Months and Corresponding Holidays

Commemorate major holidays and special events with this pdf matching exercise, which tasks 2nd grade champs with matching each calendar month to its corresponding celebrations or observances.