Comparing 2-Digit Numbers Worksheets

Our free, printable comparing 2-digit numbers worksheets strike such a chord with young learners that they start comparing not just in math lessons but in everyday life. They encourage kids to make comparisons between 2-digit numbers using the <, >, or = sign. Let them first observe the tens place value. If the digits are equal, ask them to check the ones place. With exercises like fill in the boxes, MCQs, and cut and glue, our worksheets are a comparing carnival.

We suggest these pdf worksheets on comparing numbers up to 99 for kids in grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.

Comparing 2-Digit Numbers Using Symbols

The ideal runway for practice to take off from, these exercises require kids to use the correct symbol to show whether one number is less than or greater than the other, or to find if both are equal.

Comparing 2-Digit Numbers Using Base Ten Blocks

In these printable comparing 2-digit numbers worksheets, 1st grade and 2nd grade children count the given pairs of base ten blocks and compare them using the appropriate symbol from <, >, and =.

Comparing 2-Digit Numbers - Standard and Circling

Each worksheet in this section is spread across three parts, where 3rd grade kids not only compare pairs of 2-digit numbers but also pick the greatest or least value from sets of three numbers.

Comparing 2-Digit Numbers - MCQ and Words

Divided into two parts for variety, each of these comparing two-digit numbers worksheet pdfs features a multiple-choice format; don't miss the section where kids write down the comparisons in words.

Comparing 2-Digit Numbers - Cut & Glue

A joyous hour of comparing fun, these pdf worksheets on comparison of 2-digit numbers feature a cut-and-glue activity, where the symbols of inequality are in the form of an alligator’s open mouth.