Counting Backward by 100s Worksheets

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When students learn to count backward by 100s to perfection, they hit two birds with one stone. For one they resplendently ace an often-dreaded-yet-multifaceted math concept, and for two they resoundingly enhance their subtraction skills. Stocked with 4-digit and 3-digit numbers that are multiples of hundreds, this set of printable worksheets requires learners to skip count backward by 100s by subtracting 100 from the previous number. Intricately linked to higher math concepts, this super-powerful tool of backward counting is mastered only with abundant practice. The tasks here include completing number sequences and filling in the missing numbers on the mangoes by counting down by 100s. In addition, these worksheets also feature number lines, the powerful and sophisticated linear model, to reiterate the concept of counting backward by 100s.

This set of pdf worksheets is highly recommended for grade 2 and grade 3 students.

Counting Backward by 100s