Counting Backward by 5s Worksheets

Offer young achievers heaps of counting practice with our free printable counting backward by 5s worksheets. Get off to a promising start, counting back by fives, with numbers up to 100. These worksheets are aimed to help learners achieve fluency in reverse counting with activities such as filling in number lines, finding missing numbers, and solving maze puzzles.

These are best suited for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 students.

Counting Backward by 5s - Basic

Forward counting comes easy to kids, but this is not quite the case with reverse counting. Thankfully, our worksheets make counting backwards by 5s simple for kids, right from 1st grade.

Counting Backward by 5s on Number Lines

Let not your counting suffer at any point! Practice reverse counting by 5s on the number lines in these smartly designed worksheets ideal for 2nd grade kids. Start counting down like a champ!

Finding Missing Numbers | Standard

One must gain expertise in numbers if one wants to master math. Help 3rd grade kids open up to counting backward by 5s, gradually yet steadily, by finding the missing numbers.

Counting Backward by 5s - Mixed Review

Struggling with reverse counting? Then this pdf resource is for you! Awash with counting backward by 5s exercises, these worksheets are a reverse counting treat for 2nd and 3rd grade kids.

Counting Backwards by 5s | Mazes

Maneuver through these mazes by counting backward by 5s, each time finding your way out with utmost ease. These maze puzzles are a great resource for children keen to playfully count backward by 5s.