Counting Backward by 10s Worksheets

If kids are mathematically inclined – not necessarily gifted – they’ll find a treasure of math companionship in backward skip counting by 10s. Teach your young versions to count backward by 10s with poise and panache, and you’ve set the door wide open for them to achieve big on mental math. Let's get to the meat of the matter. There will be multiples of 10 scattered all across these free worksheets, so don’t panic as it’s counting backward by 10s. Subtract 10 from the previous number every time you attempt to do a task we've set you here. Be a connoisseur of number sequence early on, so you find the going easy with higher-order concepts. Complete the number sequences, write the numbers missing from the stars, and accomplish the number line tasks.

These pdf worksheets on counting backward by 10s are excellent for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.


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