Counting Backward by 10s Worksheets

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Find a treasure of counting backward by 10s printable worksheets and teach your kids to count backward by 10s. Subtract 10 from the previous number every time you attempt to do a task we've set you here. Master number sequence early on so you find the going easy with higher-order concepts.

These free printable worksheets are ideal for 1st grade and 2nd grade children.

Counting Backward by 10s | Basic

Get off to a flying start with these counting backward by 10s worksheets, designed exclusively for grade 1 and grade 2 learners. Numbers up to 100 are included in these printable pdfs.

Counting Backward by 10s on Number Lines

Learn reverse counting by finding the missing numbers on each number line. There will be multiples of 10 scattered all across these worksheets, so don’t panic, as it’s counting backward by 10s.

Counting Backward by 10s | Number Patterns

Walk through these 1st grade pdfs, count backward by 10s, and fill in the numbers missing from these decreasing number patterns.

Counting Backward by 10s | Mixed Review

Complete the number sequences, write the numbers missing from the stars, and accomplish the number line tasks to become adept at backward counting by tens.

Counting Backward by 10s | Mazes

There are many ways for kids to reach the destination in these fun mazes. Help 2nd grade kids follow the right path and further their knowledge of counting backward by 10s.