Counting Backward by 11s Worksheets

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Backward skip counting is so special and crucial a skill that it can turn the most stubborn haters of math into ardent fans who frantically root for the subject. Introduce students to the concept of counting backward by 11s with this supply of printable worksheets equipped to help make every counting down by elevens moment a joy. Once they learn counting by rote, let them incorporate this skill in everyday activities. Working out the exercises in this set of pdfs by continuously subtracting 11 from the previous number is their ticket to mastery in skip counting backward. Help kids join the ranks of young scholars by keenly observing the pattern in the number sequence and flawlessly counting backward by 11s. Complete the number sequence, fill in the missing numbers on the bulbs, and complete the number lines.

This bundle of worksheets is drafted for the exclusive use of students in grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4.

Counting Backward by 11s