Counting Backward by 4s Worksheets

Who doesn't like butter toffees? Meet Little Tommy who, for his upcoming birthday, is going to treat 10 friends to butter toffees. From the 50-piece pack that he bought, Tommy gives every friend 4 toffees each. How many toffees will he have left? A deliciously buttery question, isn’t it? Our printable counting backward by 4s worksheets take children on an eventful counting tour by the end of which they’ll be equipped to answer lots of such questions. The tour also offers interesting exercises on finding the missing numbers in a sequence. Back to the toffee treat, count down by 4s ten times and stop - 50, 46, 42, 38, 34,... 40. If 40 toffees go to his friends, Tommy will have 10 left. These counting backward by 4s practice pdfs are a perfect platform for children to get used to the operation of division.

This set of free worksheets on counting backward by 4s is ideal for children in grade 2 and grade 3.

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