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Give an instant boost to number sense with our printable skip counting by 5s worksheets. Our comprehensive bunch of well-thought-out practice exercises like completing sequences, filling in missing numbers, counting objects, backed by colorful, printable charts will improve your child’s understanding of this concept. Embark on your learning journey with our free worksheets!

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

Children in 1st grade and 2nd grade must count items in groups of 5 and also fill in the missing numbers in these two-part, printable skip counting by 5s worksheets.

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

In this section, budding math wizards are expected to count in 5s to not only complete the sequences, but also figure out the missing values in each number line.

Skip Counting by 5s | Display Charts

These printable skip counting by 5s charts encapsulate the nitty-gritty of counting in 5s, and are an excellent reference material for your little skip counters.

Skip Count by Fives to Complete the Path

Simply comply with the skip counting in 5s rule and relax as you watch each blank step get filled out with a correct multiple of 5 in these counting by 5s pdfs.

Completing Number Lines

Direct 3rd grade children to complete each number line by placing the missing values in these skip counting by 5s worksheet pdfs. These exercises boost their skip counting skills.