Counting Backward by 7s Worksheets

Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can count backward by 7s with ease. It takes plenty of prudent preparation to achieve this feat, and our indigenous worksheets are spot on. A resource that delivers big on a key mental math skill, our pdf exercises ooze oodles of counting confidence. If students are confident about counting by 7s, let them waste no time and start working on their counting backward skills. This set of 3-part printable worksheets presents number sequences, illustrations of Santa’s hat with missing numbers, and number lines that portray multiples of 7. Extend children's knowledge of number sequence and assist them to skip count backward by subtracting 7 from the previous number. Master a skill that’s an important precursor to concepts like patterns, addition and subtraction.

This bundle of worksheets is drafted for the exclusive use in grade 2 and grade 3.

Counting Backward by 7s