Counting to 5 Worksheets

To be able to count 1 to 5 means the world to tiny tots. As indispensable as this skill is, parents and teachers get super-excited alike about it so their growing stars don’t lag behind. Let kids build their basic rote counting skills through our free counting to 5 pdf worksheets. The exercises in these printable worksheets include circling the specified number of pictures, counting and writing the number of objects up to 5, and more to ensure your students count to 5 easily.

We recommend this set of worksheets for active learners in preschool and kindergarten.


Count and Circle | Worksheet #1

Let young kids get accustomed to counting objects to 5 with these easy, basic exercises. They follow the given instructions and circle the number of objects in this printable worksheet. Most suitable for young preschoolers.

Count and Circle 1

Count and Circle | Worksheet #2

Allow your youngsters to feast on the counting possibilities of this counting and circling resource! They intuitively understand that the number of objects counted is the same, regardless of their arrangement or the order in which the pictures are counted.

Count and Circle 2

Count the Pictures | Worksheet #1

Let’s demonstrate how simple and breezy counting to 5 is! In this pdf worksheet, learners first carefully count pictures to 5 in each set. Then, they identify the correct number of objects at the bottom of all illustrative exercises.

Count the Pictures 1

Count the Pictures | Worksheet #2

Watch your number-crunchers blossom into counting superstars! Avail of this free pdf activity worksheet to further their skills in counting pictures from 1 to 5. We recommend this for preschool and kindergarten.

Count the Pictures 2

Count and Write | Worksheet #1

Sparkle into some spirited counting action with this free printable! Methodically count objects to 5, and jot down the correct number in the blank space provided at the end of each task.

Count and Write 1

Count and Write | Worksheet #2

Let kids direct all their attention to counting the illustrated objects one by one, so they can write the exact number. A must-have tool for kindergarten students, this exercise helps reinforce counting skills.

Count and Write 2

Count and Color Worksheets

Pique curiosity and interest among your enthusiastic little ones with these fascinating activity worksheets. With coloring teamed up with counting, these printable resources will go down well with preschool and kindergarten kids.

Count and Color Worksheets

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