Counting to 10 Worksheets

Use our wide range of printable counting to 10 worksheets and help your child practice number recognition. Let the maestros put on their counting caps and solve a variety of engaging exercises as they scroll through these free pdf worksheets. Watch a superior number sense shine through as learners count objects and pictures to 10, identify, circle, and write down the correct numbers in our free, interactive worksheets equipped with answer keys.

We recommend these printables for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids.


Count and Circle | Worksheet #1

Proficiency in counting acts as a perfect tonic that boosts kids’ math learning early on. Help your child gain tons of confidence practicing this skill using this free worksheet where the task is to circle the objects or animals as per the given instructions.

Count and Circle 1

Count and Circle | Worksheet #2

As amazing as preschoolers are, the little ones deserve every opportunity to count objects to 10 in a most fun way. This printable worksheet further engages them as their counting fires with all guns blazing.

Count and Circle 2

Count the Pictures | Worksheet #1

How many objects are there in each image? Circle the correct number from the options placed below. Not every exercise here has the pictures arranged the same way, so kindergarten kids must exercise caution as they breeze through.

Count the Pictures 1

Count the Pictures | Worksheet #2

Delight in the proud promise of counting 1 to 10 and the resultant mastery in number sense. Don’t just count for math; count for play using the objects and animals you see around you every day. Go 1 to 10 with this free counting to 10 pdf worksheet.

Count the Pictures 2

Count and Write | Worksheet #1

As trifle a math skill as counting 1 to 10 may be, we can’t belittle these little big numbers. The greater your ability to recognize them, the faster you go up the math ladder. This printable works best for kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Count and Write 1

Count and Write | Worksheet #2

If you’re hoping to count up to ten with more speed and precision, avail of this free practice worksheet and help increase the fundamental understanding of the basic order of the numbers from 1 to 10.

Count and Write 2

Count and Compare Worksheets

Numbers are intriguing! Learning if a number is the same as, smaller than, or greater than another in terms of the quantity it means is even more intriguing. Practice counting and comparing up to 10 pictures using the comparison signs with these colorful worksheets.

Count and Compare Worksheets

Count and Match Worksheets

All it takes your child to accurately match the pictures in each set to the appropriate numbers in these pdf worksheets. Count pictures to 10 and link the count with the number name. It’s as simple as that. Best for preschool, kindergarten and grade 1 students.

Count and Match Worksheets

Ten Frames Worksheets

Solidify your child’s number sense using our free printable ten frame worksheets, tightly packed with a host of interactive exercises. By the end of the practice, students will have learned to steadily apply numeracy skills in all aspects of life.

Ten Frames Worksheets

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