Rearranging Equations Worksheets

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Upskill yourself with our free, printable rearranging equations worksheets that provide ample practice in solving literal equations. Rearranging equations is used to make the unknown variable the subject of an equation and move other variables and constants to the right side. This set includes exercises on using specified variables as subjects, solving for the subject, rearranging formulae, and more.

These solving literal equations worksheet pdfs are highly recommended for high school students.

Make 'x' the Subject

In these printable rearranging equations worksheets, high school math enthusiasts are required to make 'x' the subject by moving around the other terms of the equations.

Solve for the Subject - Literal Equations

Count on these literal equation worksheets pdf as an excellent resource to rearrange and solve for the subjects of the equations. Each equation has different variables as subjects.

Two Variables as the Subject

For each equation in these worksheets, rearrange the expression for the two specified variables. Move the specified variable to the left and the rest to the right of the equation.

Rearrange and Evaluate the Equations

In these rearranging equations worksheet pdfs, high school students must make a variable the subject and then plug in the given values, before they find the value of the subject.

Rearranging Formulas Worksheets

These printable literal equation worksheets consist of physics and mathematics formulae. Rearrange the formulae, making the specified variable the subject.

Rearranging Formulas Worksheets