Adding Fractions to Make a Whole Worksheets

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Our free printable fraction worksheets on making a whole have exciting material for children to master the art of adding two fractions to make ‘one’ with. The same curiosity that's at work when they put small pieces together to solve a jigsaw puzzle is at work in these pdfs too! Look for two proper fractions such that the sum of those fractions will result in the fraction 1/1, or simply, the value 1.

We recommend these free pdf worksheets for grade 3 and grade 4 children.

CCSS: 3.NF, 4.NF

Making a Whole - Pie | Worksheet #1

This pdf resource is your tried and trusted companion to boost your skills of making a whole with fractions. The task in these illustrative exercises is for you to fill in the blanks by finding the missing fraction that makes a whole or 1.

Making a Whole - Pie 1

Making a Whole - Pie | Worksheet #2

Employ these 12 exclusive exercises and identify the fraction that represents the other portion of the pie. The key is to count the shaded parts to complete each statement based on the picture next to them. Suggested for 3rd grade.

Making a Whole - Pie 2

Making a Whole - Grid | Worksheet #1

This free printable contains grids representing a whole that is partitioned into equal parts. Students must count the darker-shaded squares in each grid to complete the statements. Making a whole by adding fractions is a wholly addictive affair!

Making a Whole - Grid 1

Making a Whole - Grid | Worksheet #2

Call it a tool to enhance computational skills or a profoundly practical approach to understanding how to make a whole, this set of pdf worksheets for grade 3 and grade 4 to identify the missing fractional addends is a totally unmissable bunch.

Making a Whole - Grid 2

Circle the Fractions | Worksheet #1

Prepare your young learners to find two fractions that together make a whole such that the sum of their numerators is equal to the denominator. With four options in each exercise, this fractions making a whole worksheet is inspired by the spirit of quest for the best.

Circle the Fractions 1

Circle the Fractions | Worksheet #2

Confidence with numbers is what it takes for 4th grade kids to be sure-footed about their math endeavors. In these 14 comprehensive exercises, determine the pairs of fractions whose addition would result in the value 1, thereby making one "whole".

Circle the Fractions 2