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Equal parts fun and learning, our pdf equal parts worksheets with colorful shape visuals help understand equal shares. There's always frenetic activity when kids are asked to display their crafting chops on paper boats, rockets, and fans, aren't there? Be it art and crafts, fractions, geometry, or engineering drawings, "equal/unequal parts" is forever important. That's where our printable beginner-friendly worksheets, where students identify equal and unequal parts of shapes and learn to split shapes into equal shares, help. In part A, observe the size of each partition and recognize it as equal or unequal. In part B, use partition instead of part two or more parts of equal areas.

Our free equal shares worksheets are excellent for kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 children.

CCSS: 1.G, 2.G, 3.NF, 3.G

Equal Parts
Equal Parts 1
Equal Parts 2
Equal Parts 3