Equivalent Fractions Using Visual Models Worksheets

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Our worksheets on equivalent fractions using visual models feature interesting exercises to compare fractions and reason about their sizes using pie models, fraction bars, shapes, tape diagrams, and fraction strips. Instantly validate your solutions with answer keys. Kick-start your practice with our free worksheets!

Number Line Models

Explore these printables that help kids visualize equivalent fractions, and get them to find or generate the equivalent of the given fractions.

Number Line Models

Are the Fractions Equivalent? | Pie Models

The task here is for kids to analyze the pie models and determine whether the illustrated fractions are equivalent or not using the symbols.

Find the Missing Number Using Visual Models | Shapes

The idea is to get children to study a variety of shapes and figure out the missing component in each equivalent fraction.

Writing Equivalent Fractions Using Tape Diagrams

Upskill with these worksheets on equivalent fractions using visual models, and write the fraction sentence for each set of tape diagrams.

Representing Equivalent Fractions Using Fraction Bars

Color the correct number of segments on the fraction bars to represent the given equivalent fractions.

Shading the Equivalent Fractions on Pie Models

Shade the visual models to match the fraction shown and write the equivalent fractions in these PDF worksheets.

Finding Equivalent Fractions Using Fraction Strips

Children learn to analyze and compare fractions using the fraction strips and write down their equivalent fractions.