Identifying Fourths Worksheets

Ratchet up excitement with our free identifying fourths worksheets, awash with adorable shape visuals that strive hard to depict fourths or quarters. Aligned to common core standards, our printable resources help children warm up to fractions as numbers and prepare them to write a few simple fractions to denote the figures. Hit the right notes analyzing if a shape is split into four equal or unequal parts to determine whether it represents a quarter or not and identify one fourth, two fourths, and three fourths of shapes. Hand over the worksheets, and watch the budding mathematicians frenetically go after fourths!

These pdf identifying quarters worksheets are beneficial for children in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.

Identifying Fourths | Worksheet #1

Let's talk "fourths" as we introduce kindergarten and 1st grade children to this expression that abounds in everyday life, with this printable worksheet. Identify the shapes that are split into four equal parts as fourths, or quarters, and check them.

Identifying Fourths

Identifying Quarters | Worksheet #2

This free handout is an addictive, delirious act by 2D shapes like ovals, stars, hexagons, trapezoids, and semi-circles, partitioned into four equal shares, evidently determined to make identifying quarters or fourths a carnival of vibrant illustrations.

Identifying Quarters

One Fourth, Two Fourths, and Three Fourths | Worksheet #1

Prove you are light years ahead of your still-struggling 1st grade and 2nd grade peers as you brim with skill and confidence representing the shaded parts of the models using fractions like 1 fourth/1 quarter, 2 fourths/2 quarters, and 3 fourths/3 quarters.

One Fourth, Two Fourths, and Three Fourths

One Quarter, Two Quarters, and Three Quarters | Worksheet #2

This pdf worksheet is teeming with multiple-choice questions, "What fraction of the shape is shaded and unshaded?" and "How many fourths make a whole?" for example. Children identify quarters and represent the shapes using 1/4, 2/4, and 3/4.

One Quarter, Two Quarters, and Three Quarters