Identifying Thirds Worksheets

While our free identifying thirds worksheets will be instantly welcomed as an extensive practice resource, they will also become incredibly sought-after as an important means of testing the child's knowledge of the topic. Include these interactive printable resources in students' repertoire so they have access to a trusted tool to check how well they're doing at identifying thirds! Utilize the included answer key if they need a hint or they're hoping to cross-check their answers after they finish solving these fun pdf worksheets.

Our practice tools are recommended for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids.

Identifying Thirds | Worksheet #1

Pore over this printable assessment sheet and color only those shapes that show three equal parts. The easiest way to do that is by mentally rearranging the partitioned bits and analyzing whether the edges are aligned or not.

Identifying Thirds 1

Identifying Thirds | Worksheet #2

Let the child up the ante by setting a more complex challenge for themselves in the form of this free identifying thirds worksheet. Find which of the 2D shapes, from among the illustrations, are sectioned into three equal fractions.

Identifying Thirds 2

Identifying Thirds - One Third and Two Thirds | Worksheet #1

Strengthen your understanding of one third and two thirds so you join an elite league of math wizards. Bolster your practice of identifying one-third and two-thirds by writing what fraction of each shape is shaded, answering MCQs, and more.

Identifying Thirds - One Third and Two Thirds 1

Identifying Thirds - One Third and Two Thirds | Worksheet #2

Mark a whole new leap for 1st grade and 2nd grade children as they practice finding thirds with this pdf. They prove that understanding one of three and two of three portions is nowhere near as tricky as it once was.

Identifying Thirds - One Third and Two Thirds 2