Graph the Quadratic Functions Worksheets

A quadratic function has the highest degree 2 and is generally in the form y=ax2 + bx + c. Instruct high school students to plug the values of x in the function f(x) to complete the table with the values of the y-intercept, and then quickly plot the ordered pairs on the graphs presented in these printable graphing quadratic functions worksheets. The graphs of quadratic functions are parabolas that open upward when the coefficient of "a" is positive, making the vertex the lowest point. The parabolas turn downward, when the coefficient of "a" is negative , making the vertex the highest point. A parabola on its side is what you may not come across here, as a function cannot have a sideways parabola because it would fail the vertical line test.

These printable worksheets are a must-have for students in high school.


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Graphing Quadratic Functions
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