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What’s the bill total? Although it’s not music to our ears, the question is something we often ask and hear people ask in everyday life. Lets’ imagine you and your little brother just ate a delicious meal at a fine restaurant, and they said your bill is twenty-two dollars and sixty-two cents. The little man will most likely gaze at you in awe while trying to figure out the money value. The key is to help him work his way up to decode those words as $22.62. Practice this conversion with the help of our handouts, equipped with a good stock of decimal figures up to $100 as well as their word names in dollars and cents. Whether it’s writing money amounts in words or expressing the word names as figures, this set of printable pdf worksheets is just what students need at this money hour.

Our free money in words worksheets are ideal for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade children.

Money in Words