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John's mom gave him one $5 bill, two $1 bills, six quarters, and five dimes for his allowance. How much money was that in all? Does the scenario resonate with you? Chances are it does. To find the answer, count the coins and bills and add them up. If kids browse through this compilation of counting money worksheets, not only will they get a rousing introduction to the topic, but they will also take home a profound knowledge of U.S. bills and coins. With immense practice, they will be able to seamlessly use the American bills and coins in real life and assess the value of coins and bills at a moment's glance. Observe the dollar bills and coins of different denominations in each set and find the total amount.

Our free worksheets pdf on counting coins and bills cater to the students in third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.

Counting Coins and Bills
Counting Coins and Bills 1
Counting Coins and Bills 2