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Master a key money skill with our making change worksheets. Our appealing pdf practice resource, which equips children with foundational money knowledge, is proof that there is no dearth of instances where making change comes into play in our daily lives. Practice calculating change in real-life scenarios. Kick into gear with these fun pdf exercises and work your way up to fluency in the concept.

These free printable making change worksheets are specially designed for students in 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade.

What's the Change Due? | As Few Coins As Possible

Awaiting eager beavers in grade 3 is the challenge of estimating the change that's due. Remember to calculate the change with the minimum number of coins under each denomination in this pdf.

Whats the Change Due - As Few Coins As Possible

What's the Change Due? | Fewest Coins and Bills

Get grade 4 kids to answer these making change pdfs and make their shopping experience honey-sweet. With the bills given, get them to draw the coins based on the key to express the change with the fewest coins.

Whats the Change Due - Fewest Coins and Bills

Figuring Out the Change

This engaging practice resource sets math geniuses in grade 5 on a quest to calculate and find the change obtained. Subtract the price of each product from the total amount paid and figure out the perfect change.

Figuring Out the Change

Estimating the Change

Teaching kids good money habits is as vital as teaching them healthy eating habits. These estimating the change worksheets involving bills will boost children's money-handling skills.

Estimating the Change

Making Change | Exclusive Word Problems

Few skills are more crucial for parents and teachers to pass on to their children than money skills, hence our making change word problems worksheets. As kids solve each word problem here, they learn an important money or life lesson.

Making Change - Exclusive Word Problems

Calculating Change from a One-Dollar Bill | Level 1

The earlier kids are made aware that money is earned and not just assumed, the quicker they’ll know the value of money. Let children in grade 6 answer our making change worksheets pdf, which shines light on $1 bills.

Calculating Change from a One-Dollar Bill - Level 1

Calculating Change from U.S. Bills | Level 2

Up your game of making change with this level 2 pdf set! Instruct young learners to calculate the change by counting forward from the total cost of the products up to the amount paid.

Calculating Change from U.S. Bills - Level 2

Subtracting Money

Reinforce basic math skills with these subtracting money printable worksheets. Once kids master basic addition and subtraction, let them answer these pdf worksheets on finding the balance amount.

Subtracting Money