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Ryan stops at the cafe for a cup of coffee and a donut. He gives a $10 bill to the cashier. The cashier hands him a change of $2.25. There is no dearth of instances like this in our daily life. This cafe scenario involves both an important life lesson and a relevant math lesson. Master this practical skill with our U.S. money worksheets on making change. The products with their prices and the amount of money paid are featured in each worksheet. What kids do is they find the sum of the prices of the products. Subtract the amount of purchase from the amount paid to calculate the perfect change. A simple method for making change is to count forward from the amount spent to the amount tendered.

These free printable making change worksheets are specially designed for students of 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade.

Making Change
Making Change 1
Making Change 2