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Our free, printable comparing U.S. money worksheets offer kids the push they need to begin handling money with confidence in real life. From comparing the values of sets of coins to figuring out the items that can be bought with given amounts of money, this collection acquaints kids with viewing money in relative terms. As they tackle the exercises here, children pick up an essential life skill that forms the foundation of future financial prudence.

These comparing American money worksheets pdf work best for children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

Counting and Comparing Coins

Direct 3rd grade kids to figure out if the amount of money contained in one of the two coin purses in each pair is greater than or less than the other, or if both are equal.

Counting and Comparing Coins

Counting and Comparing Coins and Bills

Bills enter the scene in these comparing money worksheets pdf, where kids discern how two amounts relate to each other and write the correct symbols of inequality or equality.

Counting and Comparing Coins and Bills

Comparing Prices | Cheap or Expensive?

Polish practical money skills using these printable exercises that involve observing the prices of pairs of objects to find if one costs more or less than the other.

Comparing Prices - Cheap or Expensive

Solving Word Problems | Comparison of Money

Let the budding bankers witness money and everyday transactions at play in real life with these worksheets packed with word problems on value of money.

Solving Word Problems - Comparison of Money

Do You Have Enough Money? | Coins

The task in these worksheets is for 4th grade learners to count and calculate the amount on the left to determine whether it is sufficient to buy the product on the right.

Do You Have Enough Money - Coins

Is the Money Sufficient? | Bills and Coins

Coins and bills share the spotlight in these printable comparing money worksheets, where kids figure out if the money in the wallet is enough to buy the given product.

Is the Money Sufficient - Bills and Coins

Identifying the Better Buy

Start building money management skills early with these comparing money worksheets pdf for 5th grade kids. Observe the prices and choose the store that offers the better buy.

Identifying the Better Buy

Ordering Money

Arranging money, represented as both bills and coins, based on values from least to greatest and vice versa is what children are expected to do in these worksheets.

Ordering Money