Percent of Change Worksheets

Our printable percent of change worksheets, which rattle through percents that increase or decrease, help novice learners become masters of percentage changes! Students will train themselves to calculate a percent change using the correct formula and state if it is a percent increase or percent decrease. They also find the new values, given the original value and the percentage of change. Our free percent increase and percent decrease worksheets are available in both customary and metric units.

These pdf worksheets are most recommended for students in the 6th grade and 7th grade.


Select the Measurement Units

Finding Percent of Change | Worksheet #1

Percent of Change = (new value - old value) / old value × 100. If the result is positive, it is a percent increase; if the result is negative, it is a percent decrease. This pdf has more practice in calculating the percent of change.

Finding Percent of Change - Customary 1

Finding Percent of Change | Worksheet #2

Finding percent of change is easy! Plug in the given values in the correct formula and perform the operations as usual. The six word-format exercises in this printable tool help build your confidence and perfect your technique.

Finding Percent of Change - Customary 2

Finding the New Amount | Worksheet #1

How quickly can the grade 6 and grade 7 students find the new amount after an increase of 23% in 437 units? This free worksheet has some great practice! Don't forget to validate the answers using the included answer key!

Finding the New Amount - Customary 1

Finding the New Amount | Worksheet #2

First determine the amount by which the original amount has changed, and then add/subtract it to/from the original amount. That's how easy it is to find the new amount! The more new amounts you find, the sharper your skills grow!

Finding the New Amount - Customary 2

Percent of Change Word Problems Worksheets

An enthralling bunch of realistic word problems await the aspiring learners in this must-have pdf worksheet. Direct the students to read, understand, and solve the word problems involving percentage change.

Percent of Change Word Problems Worksheets

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