Percent Error Worksheets

Play the percentages by answering our free printable percent error worksheets! Piggyback on real-world word problems to calculate percent error when absolute error and exact value are known. An individual measurement may be inaccurate when compared to the true value. This is where we use percent error. Percent error calculations abound in science laboratory experiments and while finding the accuracy of the measurements. Read each word problem, compute the difference between the estimated number and the actual number, divide the result by the absolute exact value, and express the answer in the percent format. Help your budding mathematicians take a firm first step toward mastering sales and discount with our free printable percent error worksheets.

These free pdf worksheets are created for students in the 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

CCSS: 7.RP.A.3

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Percent Error
Percent Error - Customary 1
Percent Error - Customary 2
Percent Error - Customary 3
Percent Error - Metric 1
Percent Error - Metric 2
Percent Error - Metric 3

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