Percent of a Number Worksheets

Give our printable percent of a number worksheets your 100 percent effort! An organized, step-by-step approach is required to calculate the percentages of whole numbers and decimals. Boast massive prep in the topic as you work through exercises like finding the percentage of whole numbers and decimals, comparing percentages, calculating missing values in expressions, and more. Make the most of our free percentage of numbers worksheets with included answer key!

We recommend these pdf worksheets for the 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade students.

CCSS: 6.RP, 7.RP

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Percent of a Whole Number | Worksheet #1

Guarantee a thorough understanding of this topic with our free worksheet. Calculate the value of percent problems like 2% of 60 and 70% of 900. This percents worksheet focuses on finding the percentages of whole numbers.

Percent of a Whole Number 1

Percent of a Whole Number | Worksheet #2

To find z% of a, simply divide z by 100 and multiply it by a. Use this set of eighteen problems and encourage grade 5 and grade 6 students to calculate percentages of 2-digit or 3-digit whole numbers correctly.

Percent of a Whole Number 2

Percent of a Decimal Number | Worksheet #1

With fourteen exercises for students to prove their percent chops, this percent of a decimal number worksheet expects them to find the percent of each decimal and round the answers to the nearest hundredth.

Percent of a Decimal Number 1

Percent of a Decimal Number | Worksheet #2

Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration! So work hard and answer problems like, 'What is 42% of 51.02?'. Employ this pdf worksheet on percent of a number using decimals and let your math genius thrive.

Percent of a Decimal Number 2

Comparing Percents

Is 98% of 36 greater than 2% of 345? Is 9% of 72 equal to 12% of 54? Students must use their newly acquired percent skills to obtain the correct values and compare the percent of quantities with <, >, or = symbol.

Comparing Percents

Finding Percentages

In this section of our finding percentage worksheets, the 5th grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade students give their percentage-finding moxie a fresh impetus and calculate what percent one number is of the other.

Finding Percentages

Finding the Whole from the Given Percent

Turn up the heat and test the child’s percentage knowledge with this printable resource! Inspire the ardent percent learners to solve this percentage worksheet and to practice finding the whole given the percent.

Finding the Whole from the Given Percent

Percent Equations

Have grade 6 and grade 7 learners got the smarts to work their way through exercises where they will find percent, part, and whole? This free worksheet helps train them to fill the missing values in expressions.

Percent Equations

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