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Get the complete set of our free, printable skip counting by 100s worksheets to thoroughly help active learners master this concept of counting forward by 100s. Multiplication of 3-digit numbers becomes more of an electrifying and super-energizing activity when it begins with skip counting by 100s!

These pdf counting in 100s worksheets are ideal for kids in grade 2 and grade 3.

Completing Number Lines

Let kids’ fascination with skip counting flourish as a full-blown learning affair with this pdf set, where they count by 100s to complete each number line.

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

Get kids in 1st grade through 3rd grade counting in 100s in these exercises! Watch them skip-count by 100s as they cruise through groups of objects and number patterns.

Skip Counting by 100s | Display Charts

These skip counting by 100s charts work well as a handy guide for kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade who have recently gotten used to counting in 100s.

Skip Count by Hundreds to Complete the Path

Observe how heroic enthusiasm shines through as young mathematicians jot down the numbers after counting by 100s in this skip counting by 100s pdf set!

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

A good mix of completing the series and number lines practice, these printable skip counting by 100s worksheets make learning a fun activity.

Counting Backward by 100s Worksheets

Navigate this part of our printable skip counting by 100s worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2, chock-a-block with simple yet engaging exercises on counting backward.

Counting Backward by 100s Worksheets