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Watch children go after our free, printable skip counting by 10s worksheets in droves. Skip counting by tens is probably the simplest series for children to memorize. Instruct kids to add 10 to the previous number or jump by 10 and gain an essential skill that lays the foundation to basic addition and multiplication. Grab these playful pdf worksheets with answer keys to familiarize students with skip counting.

We recommend these counting in 10s pdf worksheets for kids in grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

With so much to do in this deftly designed skip counting pdf worksheets, no child in grade 2 and grade 3 can tear themselves away from it until they've solved it right up to the last exercise.

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

Let young learners foster a math culture where skip counting takes center stage. Watch children fall in love with numbers as they complete the number line series, skipping count by 10s.

Skip Counting by 10s | Display Charts

Let kids in grade 1 intuitively recognize the unique pattern at play, learn easy tricks and hacks to memorize, and quickly learn multiples of ten using these skip counting by 10 display charts.

Skip Counting by 10s - Display Charts

Skip Count by 10s to Complete the Path

Set on a game-board layout, these amusement-park-themed worksheets task 1st grade kids to jump one place after skip counting by 10s to complete the path. Let the counting games begin!

Completing Number Lines

Allow the little ones in 2nd grade and 3rd grade to bask in the glory of skip counting as they gain immense amounts of practice in their number placement skills through these worksheets.

Counting Backward by 10s Worksheets

These skip counting by 10s printable worksheets will ensure that your tiny tots get to unleash their compulsive best while effortlessly solving exercises, by skipping count by 10s backwards.

Counting Backward by 10s Worksheets