Skip Counting by 3s Worksheets

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Foster a rich skip counting culture with these printable skip counting by 3s worksheets equipped with answer keys. Chock-a-block with colorful charts, and interesting exercises like skip-counting on number lines, finding the path, and many more, this set of counting in 3s pdfs are a good place to kick-start practice. Take the first step in mastering skills with our free worksheets!

Skip-Counting by 3s | Display Charts

The ideal choice for young learners, these printable skip counting by 3s charts with the number ranges of 1 to 20 and 1 to 100 make counting by 3s an effortless process.

Completing Number Lines

Get your hands on our counting in 3s pdfs and get kids to complete the number line series after skip counting by 3s.

Skip Count by Threes to Complete the Path

Transport your kids in grade 1 and grade 2 to a world of skip counting fun with these partially filled skip counting by 3s pdfs based on the amusement park theme.

Counting Objects and Filling Missing Numbers

This unique combination of two exercises gets kids counting in 3s to find the total number of objects and to complete the number lines.

Completing Patterns and Number Lines

More practice means good results! The two different activities in these printable counting forward in 3s worksheets will leave kids in grade 3 craving for more.