Area of Scalene Triangles Worksheets

The formula A = bh/2 is used to find the area of a triangle whose base length(b) and height(h) are known. But, you might not have these two measurements at your disposal all the time, which is when Heron’ formula comes to help. For instance, visualize this scenario. Mr. Will surveys a triangular piece of land of dimensions 130 ft, 230 ft, 300 ft. What is the surveyed area? As you can see, you don’t have the height or base length here. Don’t freak out! Put Heron’s formula to work. Here’s how it works – the formula states the area of a scalene triangle A = √(s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)) where a, b, and c are the side lengths of the triangle, and s is the semi-perimeter, a + b + c /2. Now, the area of the land surveyed by Mr. Will would be 14071.25 sq.ft approximately. Check this for yourself! Make great strides in applying the formula and calculating the area with our free printable area of scalene triangles worksheets for high school!

This batch of pdf worksheets is ideal for high school students.

Select the Measurement Units

Area of Scalene Triangles | Integer - Type 1

Kick into gear and calculate the area of the three-sided figures with this practice set featuring an example at the top of each worksheet! Observe the steps closely and implement them for all the scalene triangles with integer side lengths.

Area of Scalene Triangles - Integers - Customary - Type 1

Area of Scalene Triangles | Integer - Type 2

Incorporating geometric figures as well as word-format questions, this free pdf worksheet enables high school students to draw an instant, vivid picture of a scalene triangle using their imagination and figure out its area substituting the formula.

Area of Scalene Triangles - Integers - Customary - Type 2

Area of Scalene Triangles | Decimal - Type 1

Help students raise the bar with gusto, using this printable worksheet depicting scalene triangles with decimal dimensions! Plug the measures in Heron’s formula and determine the area. Pay close attention while multiplying and taking square roots of decimals!

Area of Scalene Triangles - Decimals - Customary - Type 1

Area of Scalene Triangles | Decimal - Type 2

Prove that you’re now set to go more places! Work out the area of the scalene triangles whose side lengths are presented on the figures as well as rendered in one-liner questions. Compute the semi-perimeter using the decimal measures and proceed with finding the area.

Area of Scalene Triangles - Decimals - Customary - Type 2

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