Counting to 20 Worksheets

A step-by-step resource progressing from counting the number of objects in a set to practicing subitizing with ten frames, this compilation of printable counting objects to 20 worksheets molds young learners to nail number-sense with ease. Included here are free exercises like circling a given number of objects, matching each set to its count, writing the cardinality of a set, sorting objects into categories, and more! Navigate through our ten frames to learn making ten in a number of ways and finding the sum of two numbers.

These pdf worksheets are best suited for children in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1.


Count and Circle | Worksheet #1

Flaunt counting up to 20 objects in a set like a rising star! Closely watch the indicated count, start counting objects to that number, and circle each object as you count.

Count and Circle 1

Count and Circle | Worksheet #2

Enhance preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade prepping with this pdf worksheet featuring real-life objects. Count and circle the objects to the given numbers.

Count and Circle 2

Count and Match | Worksheet #1

Eggplants, balls, and Santa hats! Look who else has come to help kids perfect their counting to 20! The task here is to match the sets to the number of objects counted.

Count and Match 1

Count and Match | Worksheet #2

The key for counting and matching skills to grow is to let them shine in use! In this worksheet, count and connect each group to the total number of objects in it.

Count and Match 2

Count and Write | Worksheet #1

Here's a pdf where butterflies, balloons, donuts, etc., are in action! Representing the number of objects in a set using base-ten numerals will never be more delicious!

Count and Write 1

Count and Write | Worksheet #2

Counting to 20 is now your undisputed forte! In this free count & write worksheet, count the objects in each group and write the last number counted in the right boxes.

Count and Write 2

Sort and Count Worksheets

Don't let young learners look wanting in confidence! Classify the objects according to their type and count the objects in each category in these worksheets.

Sort and Count Worksheets

Counting and Cardinality Worksheets

Take your children on a counting tour and ask them how many objects are there in each set. Introduce them to cardinality as they start counting the objects in the set.

Counting and Cardinality Worksheets

Ten Frames Worksheets

With these ten frames printables, subitizing will become a household name among kids. The exercises include counting, making ten, and addition using ten frames.

Ten Frames Worksheets

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